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Welcome to #Friends4Ever! A place to all good and friendly people around the world to talk about everything in English language and make good and new friends around the world.
Join us now by clicking here to join our channel and start chatting. Invite your friends and start a game of Hangman, 8 ball or the High/Low Guessing Number.
If you have an IRC Client installed in your computer, to join in Rizon network and direct into #Friends4Ever channel, just type this command in any tab/window: /server -m and press Enter then wait until you join the channel.

  • The main Rizon network server is in SSL Port: +6697 and or +7000.
== Rules ==


  • English-Only.
  • When you join or leave the channel, please at least say "hi", "hello" or "good-bye" to the users.
  • Do NOT say bad words, make fun of the people in the channel, we like kind people.
  • Do NOT write with CAPS, that can be mean that you're yelling at us.
  • Do NOT Spam or advertise for any other Channel / IRC Network.
  • The Operators must not kick/Ban anybody, except as a last resort. (people who just show up to spam, etc).
  • Remember that your freedom ends where it start for someone else, so please, treat other users as you'd like to be treated and have fun, and make some new friends.