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Channel Details

We have porn. On #Fluffington we are cutesy, random and/or offtopic. We like anime, games, tech stuff and good stories. Please adjust your behaviour to these obvious guidelines, so everyone can have a good time; also we have porn.

  • Click here to join with webchat.
  • Click here if you already got an IRC client.
  • Or just go to Rizon and then /join #Fluffington.

Channel "Guidelines"

Language and frequency

  • Please come to our channel as frequently as possible and enjoy the ride. ;)
  • Please speak English. Other languages are allowed, as long as the chat is not in “rush hour” and as long as you got someone else to talk to.
  • Profanity is allowed.
  • ASCII art is prohibited, if it spans more than 4 lines or 60 characters in length.
  • Spam is not allowed. Joining the channel “just to share this link to something awesome” counts as spam!


  • Please respect all users.
  • Insulting our users can lead to an AKICK.
  • Light trolling is allowed.
  • Kicking or banning for fun is dumb. Fuck you kindly.
  • Please make a log of why you AKICKed someone, if there are no owners around at the time.
  • Don't rant too hard, respect other people's opinions.


  • Ask one of our owners for permission to add your bot.
  • Please do not overuse the bots. (.steal three times is acceptable) (nutritional facts are unacceptable)


  • Illegal content is illegal. This includes child pornography. Please play it safe and think about other regions. (Talking about file sharing is allowed.)
  • Mark NSFW links with “NSFW” or something obvious and similar.
  • Please be careful when sharing spoilers and NSFW stories. If anyone doesn't want to see it, don't share it.
  • Also don't mention anything about the cethosia cyane, even though they are nice.
  • Please don't reveal personal information about users when you don't have permission to do that.
  • Drama from other channels or PMs can influence your access on this channel. Deal with it.


Voice is usually given to active users.