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The FLAGS system is a way to control access to a channel. To enable the FLAGS mode, use the following command:

/msg ChanServ SET #channel ACCESSTYPE FLAGS

substituting the name of your channel for #channel.

The FLAGS command

The ChanServ FLAGS command allows you to control very precisely what users get what permissions. You can only use this command if ACCESSTYPE FLAGS is enabled, as demonstrated above.

When called without any arguments, FLAGS will list the current list of users with flags and what flags they have:

/msg ChanServ FLAGS #channel

Access listing

You can get the full list of all users with access and their flags with:

/msg ChanServ FLAGS #channel

If you are just looking for one particular user's flags, you can just append the user's nick:

/msg ChanServ FLAGS #channel nick

Access manipulation

To give someone auto-op and the ability to invite people using ChanServ, use the following command:

/msg ChanServ FLAGS #channel nick +Oi

To remove these flags, you would use the same command, but instead of +Oi, use -Oi.

Adding a user with all flags but +b (auto kickban):

/msg ChanServ FLAGS #channel nick +*

To remove all access flags from a user, use:

/msg ChanServ FLAGS #channel nick -*

Finally, to clear all the access flags of the channel, use the *CLEAR command, like this:

/msg ChanServ FLAGS #channel *CLEAR

List of possible flags

Status Misc
v Allows use of VOICE and DEVOICE
V Auto voice
h Allows use of HALFOP and DEHALFOP
H Auto halfop
o Allows use of OP and DEOP
O Auto op
a Allows use of PROTECT and DEPROTECT
A Auto protect
t Allows use of TOPIC
r Allows use of KICK and BAN
u Allows use of UNBAN
K Allows use of AKICK
s Allows use of SET
i Allows use of INVITE and GETKEY
R Allows use of CLEAR
f Ability to change other users' access
l Ability to view the access list
B Allows use of fantasy commands
S Allows use of SAY and ACT
G Shows user's greet in the channel when they join
b Banned
n User will not be automatically kicked by BotServ
I User has full access to the INFO command
k User can modify the badwords list