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--> Now talking on #DontJoinItsATrap

  • Topic for #DontJoinItsATrap is: #DontJoinItsATrap, where 60% of the time the trap bot works all the time | This is a NETWORK CHANNEL. You will automatically be rejoined if you try to leave. | Every 45 to 90 mins you get a 1 min chance to leave when TrapBot announces "freedom" | .spin for a chance of being kicked | !uno to play un0b0t, !unocmds for commands | Do not go to #services asking to be kicked.
  • Topic for #DontJoinItsATrap set by Wintereise at Tue Aug 30 23:43:34 2011

-Sexy- [#dontjoinitsatrap] Why did you join?!~

  • Sexy gives voice to Xylitol


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