Disable JOIN and PART Messages

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  • Windows - mIRC: Tools => Options => pick "IRC". Click the "Events..." button. Change the "joins", "parts", "quits", and "nicks" to your desired settings: "In Status" or "Hide" are good options.
  • IRSSI: /ignore -channels #mwsf * JOINS PARTS QUITS NICKS
  • Mac - Xchat Aqua: Preferences -> Chatting -> General -> Hide join/part messages. You must also restart the client
  • Mac - Snak: go Snak -> Preferences -> Channel, and uncheck "Parts" and "Joins."
  • Other - Xchat Windows: /set irc_conf_mode 1
  • Other - BitchX / EPIC II:
    • /ignore #mwsf * JOINS NICKS PARTS CRAP