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Disable USER and PEORTH messages
<code>/ignore <em>#channel</em> * CRAP</code>
<code>/ignore -channels <em>#channel</em> * JOINS PARTS QUITS NICKS</code>
Tools → Options → pick "IRC". Click the "Events..." button. Change the "joins", "parts", "quits", and "nicks" to your desired settings: "In Status" or "Hide" are good options.
Snak → Preferences → Channel, and uncheck "Parts" and "Joins".
'''''To disable on all channels:''''' Press <code>⌘+,</code> → Style → uncheck "Show general event messages".
'''''To disable on a specific channel:''''' Press <code>⌘+i</code> → check "Disable general event messages".
To hide parts and joins on all channels, you can use <code>/set irc_conf_mode 1</code>.
To hide parts and joins for a specific channel, you can right click the channel in your channel tree/tab, click Settings, then click Hide Join/Part Messages

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Disable USER and PEORTH messages