Connection/Session Limit Exemptions

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Reason: Too Many Connections From Your IP Address

  • The ban duration is 30 minutes.
  • This is a fully automated ban which goes into effect the moment a 5th connection is made from the same IP.
  • This ban type is maintained by network services. IRC operators do not add or remove these bans.

Possible Causes

  • You loaded more than 4 clients on your system.
  • You had 2-4 connections up on your system. They suddenly disconnected, and your client immediately tried to reconnect; however, the sessions of your previous connections; a.k.a., ghost sessions, have yet to time out.
  • You had 2-4 clients loaded on your system. When a net split occurred, your client(s) attempted to reconnect; ending up with double the number of connections as the split server(s) merged back.
  • You are on a shared internet connection at your apartment/university that uses a NAT or router.
  • You are hosting multiple Iroffer bots from a dedicated server.

How to Apply for a Session Limit Increase

Please follow the simple directions on

If you do not supply the necessary information, your form will be ignored. Do not apply for session limit increase to engage in flooding, spamming, and other forms of abuse. Users who do so will be reported to their internet service provider and have their nicks and channels associated with the offender will be frozen and disabled permanently.