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A Gist to what our channel is like

ComputerTech123 was founded By ComputerTech on the IRC Network Mibbit on January 2020 and has grown to be one of the largest channels On the IRC Network Mibbit, although targeted at the beginning, #ComputerTech123 has evolved to being a thriving channel along with other channels across IRC.


Why do we have channel rules?

Without rules, order and normality falls apart, although on several channels, rules become too severe, so here on #ComputerTech123, we like to make our rules a little "Slacker" than other channels, but we still have rules, so below is our rules.

1. No harassment of others

2. No advertising of anything in the channel or in private message to others; that includes other channels or IRC networks.

3. No porn

6. Users who attempt to spread virus's or trojans will be removed from the channel and reported to the Network Staff/Opers

7. No flooding the channel with excessive text, color codes, etc. Flooding will wake up the channel bots and they will ban you

8. Repeating the same text can get you kicked or banned

9. Non-channel staff are NOT to act/pretend to be channel staff

10. We do NOT deal with channel issues of other channels. If you ran afoul of the rules in another channel, that is between you and that channel's staff. Each channel has its own rules, staff and ownership


Channel Admins

# Nickname Location
@. ComputerTech Ireland
@. Suntop Norway
@. Quo-fan Finland
@. Piba USA
@. Trip USA
@. Dennis NetherLands
@. Foxy USA