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The correct title of this article is #chat. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.

Welcome to Rizon's occasionally-family-friendly chat channel!

#Chat Rules

Staff: #Chat is supposed to be a fun place, so learn how to take a joke.

Users: #Chat is supposed to be a fun place, so learn how to tell better jokes.

Gaining access

Voice (+) is given on a daily basis to anyone who is active and courteous in the channel.

After some time being voiced, halfop (%) is usually given to those who show an overall interest in the channel.

Keeping your access

After gaining access, occasionally users will stop doing what it was that got them granted the access in the first place. Being a good role model and learning how to take a joke would be the best advice in this regard.

On the rare chance you actually have a life, we of course understand not being able to be active 24/7. ;) However if you have been idle for a long period of time you may risk losing your voice or halfop status. This will give other active users a chance to "move up".

Any issues?

Feel free to send a message or memo to funky or Doc if you have any issues, praise, concerns or flirtatious remarks.