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My Channel is being flooded! HELP!

Note: When reporting to #services, don't paste lines, pastebin them. If you paste lines, it is considered flooding and you will be akilled for 30 minutes.

If your channel is being join flooded:

  • Assign LimitServ to your channel. You can do so via /msg LimitServ request #yourchannel. You must be the channel founder to do this. LimitServ sets a limit accordingly so that it won't spam your channel with mode changes, while keeping the flooding out.
  • In the case that the flooding is join/part, /mode #yourchannel +R and report it to #services immediately (provide logs, nicks, etc). The +R mode stops non-registered nicks from joining your channel. If that doesn't work, /mode #yourchannel +i and report the offending nick(s) to #services.
  • When the flood has stopped, don't forget to unset the modes (replace the + with a -).

If your channel is being text flooded by multiple users:

  • Set a BotServ kicker for floods and repeats.
/bs kick #yourchannel flood on 1 lines seconds (3 lines in 5 seconds is sufficient)
/bs kick #yourchannel repeat on 1 repeats (2 or 3 repeats, depending on how many times the users repeat)
  • /mode #yourchannel +R also works here, as the users have to join your channel to flood. In the case that this doesn't work, /mode #yourchannel +m. This stops all non-voiced users from talking. If your channel is autovoice for all users, /cs levels #yourchannel set autovoice 3 (you can change it back to 0 later).
  • Report the flood to #services, and provide logs of the flooding.

In the case that your channel is being targeted by a single user, kickban them. If they manage to rejoin, report them to #services, and provide logs of the kickban up to the rejoin.