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Channel Details

#alterIWNet is the official IRC channel for alterIWNet, a modification for the popular game Modern Warfare 2, allowing you to play the game as it was meant to be played - with dedicated servers and various other additional features.

Channel Rules

  • No support in this channel, redirect all your questions to #alterIWNet-Support
  • Forbidden topics:
    • Cheat reports
    • Ban appeals, please join #alterIWNet-Appeals for that
    • Clans
    • Scamming
    • Battlefield
    • Backseat Moderating
  • ASCII art is forbidden

NOTE: These rules may change at any time, the topic of #alterIWNet will always contain the most up to date version.


Access on #alterIWNet and its relating channels is only given out to the staff of alterIWNet.

Other Channels

  • #alterIWNet-Support, which is for any help needed with aIW
  • #alterIWNet-Appeals, which is for any ban appeals, or bans that are needed to be checked
  • #alterIWNet-ACT, a channel which spams a log of people cheating, and also used for talking about cheats (channel now idle)

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