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This wiki is jovial in nature and not the correct forum for your extremely serious and important online disputes. Here are some suggestions for more appropriate places in which online arguments should take place:
* A kindergarten class full of Russian immigrant children, none of whom are able to speak English and are thus saved from hearing your infernal babbling.
* On the set of Pulp Fiction - an environment in which you can dress up in suits and use lots of swear words to reaffirm how badass of an internet warrior you are.
* Inside of an industrial incinerator whose absoloute minimum temprature is 4000 degrees.

A Concise History

/music/ was founded in 2008 by Climaxia, a Venitian Bobo, as a black propaganda operation by which he could influence and recruit informants for Mossad, for whom he was working at the time. However, his employment with Mossad came to and end when he was caught installing a remote webcam in Noa Tishby 's dressing room. Climaxia currently works as an advisor to democratically elected Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez (after whom chat user Cbbleh has named his dog) and uses the chat to discuss important matters.