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#/jp/shows (pronounced "jay pee shows" or, less frequently, "dʒeɪ pee slash shows") is a Rizon channel about japanese shows discussion, as well as general american television series and film discussion; The channel provides a japanese stream that has been running 24/7 since its foundation. The japanese tv stream is currently run by on_three


Early 2014 – Late 2014: Founding and incorporation

In collaboration with pinetreegator (who brought the channel name), #/jp/shows was established on January 10, 2014 by Gerardos as a request by several users from #/tv/shows who were not happy about having 2 tv streams (the american and the japanese stream) running on one channel at the same time because "it creates confusion in the chat, no one knows if the person is talking about one stream or the other". The channel was later registered by the same user.

2015 – present: Development and management

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Bot nick Owner Description
Porygon qb Considered as "One of the greatest IRC bots ever made", Porygon is a bot written in Ruby by qb, this bot is capable of an infinity of things, it even uses its own currency, the BotCoins, which you can collect by mining and then use to change the topic of the channel, kick, or even ban users, all this for a few botcoins. You can learn more about it here.
TAYNE Gerardos A simple yet useful bot, its only command is `seen, which looks up for the mentioned user and tells you when was last seen, and what were his last words.
Bot nick Owner Description
weeabot on_three The only bot capable of controlling the japanese tv stream. It also has a ton of useful features, like playing webm or youtube links to the stream, give information about what's being watched on the stream, show or say out loud words to the stream, a japanese word lookup, a japanese translator, a torrent file streamer, and much more, you can see the rest here.
kogure (deceased) on_three It was used to show text on the stream, this feature has been merged on weeabot itself.
uran (deceased) swam Initially known as maa, this modified version of maws was the first bot on #/jp/shows ever. It was in charge of changing the jap tv channels when swam (The Stream King) was the streamer back then.
Bot nick Owner Description
OYSTER^ Gerardos Posts a webm based on your request, you can see the webm list here.